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Recipes for the mastery of routine problems.


If a large part of the social stock of knowledge consists of recipes for the mastery of routine problems and one sector of the population for all intensive purposes does not have access to the gateway to most knowledge, what happens? Before the Internet knowledge was gained through interaction with others or access to books, limiting access.

Thus I live in a world of relatives, fellow workers, and recognizable public functionaries.-43

Social distributions of knowledge- how has the Internet disrupted this?-46

From the moment of birth, man’s organismic development, and indeed a large part of his biological being as such, are subjected to continuing socially determined interference -48

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Hostel room in Guatemala City



I survived the 10 hour layover at Mexico City Airport which was extremely clean compared to some of the US airports I’ve been in. It seemed like a cleaning person was assigned to every 20 sq ft. This one Señora patrolled her area of the food court like a hawk. I has this scrap of paper on my table and I could tell she wanted to grab it right off of there but was doing her best to resist.
Getting through airport security and customs was super quick however the flight was nearly boarding by the time a gate was posted on the board. The one gripe I do have is the lack of wireless. Wings seemed to be the only place to get on the Internet. I also don’t think you are meant to flush toilet paper down here. Let me know if I’m wrong about that.
I’m spending the night in Guatemala City and catching a 8am bus to Xela. This awesome retired teacher from Montreal gave me a map and some traveling advice. He recommends no more than 4 hours of Spanish study a day. He said your brain fries after 3.5 hours.